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Retail & Properties focuses on establishment, dismantling, and development.

Establishment, dismantling, and development are the three key areas in the development of retail real estate. We work in symbiosis with our customers. When you engage  us, we in turn engage a multitude of retailers and property owners. When it comes to retail, most retailers and property owners  want the same thing. Why engage different agents? Most of the times, the three areas is floating into each other. It is not unusual that a company engages us for all three services simultaneously.

Retail & Properties has a result-oriented culture . We like to see results and try to start and complete projects quickly. We never charge per hour but on results. Over the years, we have made numerous transfers, which allow us to professionally guide buyers and sellers through their respective business transactions. Our brand is synonymous with store openings.

We set high standards of excellence, quality and good business acumen. Our knowledge and expertise allows our customers to feel safe and secure throughout the entire sales process.

We also place high demands on our customers. To be able to deliver the best possible results we demand that our customers have the same ambition as us, because we only work with clients who understand the value of a knowledgeable broker. We work with both large and small companies, international and local, property owners and condominium associations. Our diversity is an advantage for both sellers and buyers.

Which of our services fit your company?


We assist landlords and property owners to make successful real estate business. How do you want your property to be presented to the market?
Retail & Properties increases the value of your commercial property. Thanks to our clear exposure to the retail industry, we have an unprecedented wide range of potential tenants for all types of retail premises and areas. To hire us for a project is to have direct contact with most established companies in Sweden.

We have established many missions in which we are actively looking for new premises and thus can match the high performance properties with the right tenants. Retail & Properties acts sounding board on issues related to the optimization of the shopping centers and freestanding buildings that need to be developed to maintain an attractive range. We assist in lease negotiations to promote the long-term and strong tenants, but also increase the net asset value of the property.

Our advisory background has shaped our understanding of the properties long-term value creation of the mutual cooperation between property owners and tenants.
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How large is your establishment department? Retail & Properties undertakes search task in which we are actively looking for retail premises on behalf of customers.
To establish new premises is a demanding process that often takes a lot of time and effort by a company. Retail & Properties enters as establishers of companies that need professional help during the establishment process. Along the customer requirements and demands we work jointly develop a strategy establishment and then seek our establishers actively and systematically to the market to find the optimal shop, the premises or company.

With our broad contact network and existing customer base, we have many shops and facilities located within our system and are not out officially on sale. We provide qualified local increases in consultation with our customers where we are targeting a number of predetermined shops and assists in negotiating price and rent negotiation. We are experts at finding just the premises you looking for.

In our establishments we play a decisive role in how a street or area are developed. A wrong establishment may eventually reduce customer flow on a attractive street, while a well-conducted establishment can raise the attractiveness of a whole area, both for businesses and premises but also for the residents and property owners.
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To settle a store can be your company's best business.

Retail & Properties transfers more retail space than any other player in Sweden. We work as both establishers and liquidators which allows us to follow the market like no other and can quickly find the right customer for the right property. To have the privilege to work with all types of transfers is exciting for us, but also very beneficial for you as a customer then you get access to a collective experience and knowledge wider than what you find in most other brokers.

A mediation by the Retail & Properties means that we actively work through the whole process. The process begins with a qualified local valuation and discreet handling and followed up by an agreement. Our professional photographer will take pictures of the object, and then we produce pleasing sales and presentation materials. Obviously, we adapt our marketing and sales strategy if you have requests for discretion.

The benefit to hire Retail & Properties is that you get access to our large customer base and our active search requests. With effective marketing, private showings and dedicated sales efforts, we are working to find the right buyer for the item. We handle the bidding and negotiating with potential buyers. After establishing transfer agreement we will contact the landlord to get the approval of the transfer. When the deal is made, the new tenant access to the local, and follow-up after completion of the transfer.

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