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An eventful start

We started with the vision to become Sweden’s leading retail consulting firm within establishment and dismantling. Since the start, we have grown into the market leader within our field.
Today, Retail & Properties are handling large leasing commissions from some of the world’s strongest brands and rental missions from leading real estate companies. The founders of Retail & Properties have long experience of the retail and real estate market. A pillar in the development of Retail & Properties has been to rejuvenate and renew an otherwise tradition-bound market. Because of this, our team now consists of driven talents whose innovation unpins the ambition to influence the real estate market in the long term. Retail & Properties are the leader in the field because of our employees’ determined pursuit of new and effective ways of aiding our customers.

Our focus is close customer relations. To hire us should be like working with a trusty  coworker. Our goal is that Retail & Properties should be the given partner your business transaction, regardless of whether you are a real estate owner, tenant or establisher. Our biggest challenge is to continue being a pioneer in the field.

Thanks to our customers for daring to choose a new and exciting road ahead with us. We firmly believe in an equally eventful continuation.

Would you like to book an unconditional meeting with us? Or do you have any general questions and concerns? Fill in the form and describe your case and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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